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A pair of exotic domestic cats

What’s New Pussycat?

Emperor Palantine painting

Emperor Palpatine

Malcolm Young painting

Mal 2

The Frog Jockey frog riding a centipede painting

The Frog Jockey

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Oblivious painting - boy staring at smartphone
Ragnar's Epitaph Viking long boat painting
Ragnar’s Epitaph
Rainbow Warriors Cougar chasing a horse through water painting
Rainbow Warriors
Grey Wolf painting
Grey Wolf


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Self portrait of Nigel Follett

About Nigel Follett

Mixing traditional techniques with digital formats

My paintings mix traditional fine art techniques with digital formats and are an eclectic array of original artworks, ranging from portraits and landscapes to more provocative pieces, dealing with the challenges we face in the modern world. 

During my time in the digital art world, I have gained international art prizes and many features. I have been fortunate to have my work exhibited worldwide, including in China.