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My paintings mix traditional fine art techniques with digital formats and are an eclectic array of original artworks, ranging from portraits and landscapes to more provocative pieces, dealing with the challenges we face in the modern world. 

One of my works (Ragnar’s Epitaph’) was short-listed in 2014 for the Gallery of Top 100 works worldwide for the Lumen Exhibition Prize; this painting was displayed in the Lumen On-line Gallery for several months. The prize is described by ‘The Guardian’ as ‘The World’s Pre-eminent Digital Art Prize’. It was also on display for three months at the HQ of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in Canary Wharf, London, England.  

In 2019, Ragnar’s Epitaph was also selected as the book cover for ‘Vikings and the Vikings’, published by US based McFarland Publishing. The book is a series of essays on the popular History Channel series, ‘Vikings’.

Self portrait of Nigel Follett digital artist

”…some of his artworks are absolutely beautiful. Actually, there’s a whole wealth of stuff, some with an uncomfortably acute resonance with some of the Big Concerns, both political and environmental…” Prof. Paul Hardwick. Professor of English, Leeds Trinity University, England. 

During December 2014, my painting ‘355mL’ was used by environmental pressure groups, ‘Orangutan Outreach’ and ‘Rainforest Action Network’ in their global campaign against PespiCo for their continuing refusal to stop using conflict palm oil in many of their products.  

Since 2014 I have  gained other international art prizes and many features and I have been fortunate to have my work exhibited worldwide, including in China. 

I am a ‘free-hand’ artist, relying on painting techniques applied to a graphics tablet rather than computer processing power. 

sell commission and non-commission artworks and I also paint a number of projects free of charge for causes I believe in 

Little Charly sailboat moored at Cotehele Quay painting