Rainbow's End - Dorothy under a Rainbow

An up and coming global artist

It’s the kind of headline every artist craves, given that it’s a hugely competitive and diverse marketplace. It also means that people buying my art are probably buying a long term investment as well as something to adorn the walls of their home or indeed wear every day as a statement.

New merchandise range

One of the useful things about Google Analytics is it provides visitor insight. The data suggested I needed to add affordable merchandise for a younger group.

The Frog Jockey frog riding a centipede painting

A brilliant commission

I enjoy painting all my commissions, but occasionally I get a real challenge. ‘The Frog Jockey’ is one which really stretched me.

Ragnar's Epitaph - Viking Long ship painting

The painting of Ragnar’s Epitaph

Painted back in 2014, Ragnar’s Epitaph brought together a scene near my childhood home (which forever captivated me), and the best preserved example of a Viking long-ship ever unearthed.

Consumerism painting. animals on a conveyor belt

Consumerism painting at ChinaFit Festival

Despite the recent negative image of China, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a burgeoning animal rights and vegan movement there. Read how the ChinaFit Festival in Beijing reached out to 30m people.

Lagertha - Shield Maiden painting of Viking

The making of Lagertha – Shield Maiden

I thought I’d talk a little about the central figure in this painting, mainly because it took 120 hours to paint her and a mere 8 for the rest of the artwork. ‘Digital’ doesn’t mean ‘shortcuts’!