Global Meltdown

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Global Meltdown is a statement on the plight of our planet which as a closed system has finite resources. Simply, our planet cannot sustain the current level of exploitation for the resources required to satiate the demand of unlimited population growth. Something will inevitably have to give and we have some very uncomfortable truths to face as a species. Exhibited at VegFest UK, Bristol, UK May 26th – 27th 2018. Awarded features in two separate galleries on the Fine Art America website. This is an original free-hand painting carried out on a Wacom graphics tablet.

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Canvas or Acrylic? 

Your painting can be printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas, stretched over the finest genuine artists stretcher bars complete with stretching wedges ready for you to hang. 

If you prefer ultra-modern acrylic, your painting will be printed using a lavish 12 colour print process. The special photographic vinyl used is skilfully bonded to the reverse of a 10mm super glossy cast clear Perspex panel with flame polished edges.

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Acrylic, Canvas


16×12 (inches), 32×24 (inches)